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The Lottery and Other Stories - Shirley Jackson I found these stories disappointing. I bought the collection primarily for The Lottery, but this fell flat for me. If I hadn't already known what the story was about from having seen a TV adaptation, and having heard and read much about it over the years, I'm sure the slow reveal would probably have worked much better, but as it was it just read like a bunch of people talking. I didn't get any feeling of atmosphere or emotion from it all, not even from the lottery 'winner'. The other stories (I read about half of them) struck me much the same. Occasionally they were a little creepy, but mostly they just felt flat and lacking in emotion. I know it's difficult to build character in a short story, but I've read plenty of others that did it better.All that said, I generally prefer novels to short stories, so I may still attempt The Haunting of Hill House one day.