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The God Engines - John Scalzi,  Vincent Chong This was really 3.5 stars for me, but I'll be generous. :) (It should probably be noted that I'm a fan of the author from his blog, so perhaps more inclined to be so.)I did enjoy this novella, and found the premise of captured gods powering space travel (among other things) very intriguing. The God Engines is hard to categorise - despite the fantasy elements, it still felt a lot like sci fi for me. It was a quick read, and despite its shortness I thought the characterisations were good. It was also quite dark in places, which I wasn't really expecting - but it suited the setting and the plot. World-building was a bit thinner than I would have liked - I wanted to know more about the setting and history, but that would have required a full length novel. As it is, I think the story suited the shorter length (and vice versa).I wouldn't suggest reading this if you only like sunny, optimistic stories - but otherwise, recommended.