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Black House - Stephen King,  Peter Straub I approached this book with a little reluctance, after my re-read of The Talisman last year proved less enthralling than I'd expected. I'm pleased to say that Black House, in contrast, exceeded my expectations. Perhaps that's because those expectations were lower, but all the same, I found it a much more engaging read. I also found that I liked the adult Jack Sawyer rather more than the twelve-year old Jack from The Talisman. I also found the secondary characters to be well-rounded and interesting - and on the whole, very likeable (except, of course, the ones we weren't supposed to like!) The pacing was just right, and the plot remained involving all the way through. I did find the narration/viewpoint a little distracting at times, but it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book.If you like Stephen King's horror/dark fantasy novels (and presumably Peter Straub's although I'm not familiar with his other works), and especially if you liked The Talisman, then you should definitely read this one.