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Just a Geek: Unflinchingly Honest Tales of the Search for Life, Love, and Fulfillment Beyond the Starship Enterprise
Wil Wheaton
Side Jobs
Jim Butcher
Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume 2: New Faces of Fantasy - Jim Bernheimer, J. B. Vote, Clell Harmon, Keith McComb, Matthew Schocke, Brian James, Ted Vinzani, Joe Ducie, Susan Nance Carhart, Anne B. Walsh, Britnee Bloschichak, Tom P. Arachtingi, P. R. S., Heather Sinclair In the interests of full disclosure: I bought this book primarily for one story, that being 'The Wild Fields' by Susan Nance Carhart, who I know slightly through a shared hobby. So far I have only read that one story, which is a wonderfully rich, evocative tale based around the myths and legends of Kievan Russian. It is well written, and pleasantly reminiscent of fairy tales I read as a child. Highly recommended.