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Asunder  - David Gaider This is the third Dragon Age novel, but unlike the other two, it takes place after both the games so far, dealing in part with the fallout from the events in the second game. There are new characters as well as some familiar faces, and an intriguing glimpse into the state of Thedas leading into the next Dragon Age game.This is not a book I'd recommend to anyone not already a fan of the Dragon Age series, both books and games. For those who are, however, there is much to love. David Gaider weaves a compelling tale from seemingly small beginnings that grows into something much bigger. Things we thought we knew about various aspects of the Dragon Age universe are challenged, and the novel sets the stage for the next turbulent chapter of Thedas' history.The new characters, around whom the novel centres, are well-drawn and for the most part sympathetic, and I found myself genuinely invested in their fates. As always, David Gaider's love of this world and the characters who's stories we follow through it shines through in his writing, and makes you want to love them just as much.My only complaint is that, at least in the e-book edition I read, the proofing/editing was dire. There were many, many occasions where words had been incorrectly split into two (plea sure instead of pleasure, for instance), and some instances of incorrect case or grammar being used. There was even one place where a whole paragraph was repeated, slightly altered. This threw me out of the story on many occasions, and had I been enjoying the story less, I might have given up on it altogether. This shouldn't be seen as a criticism of the book itself, but rather of lazy production values on the part of the publisher. This unfortunately seems to be getting more common, which makes me sad.This aside, however, I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves the Dragon Age universe. I would perhaps rate this lower than the first two Dragon Age novels, if only because the younger Loghain is one of my favourite characters in this world. However, since I can't give it three and a half stars, I've settled for four, editing errors and all!